Seven, new feed dispenser for pregnant sows

Seven, new feed dispenser for pregnant sows

20th July 2022 - News

The objective of feeding in the gestation phase is that sows reach farrowing with an ideal body state.  In this sense, individual dispensers are a very widespread feeding system for sows in the gestation phase, since it allows for precise regulation of the appropriate feed dose for each animal. Aware of this, Rotecna has developed the Dispenser SEVEN. Available with 7 litres of capacity, its simplicity and easy handling make it a good option to apply in the gestation and fattening phases.

The SEVEN is a side filling dispenser and ball opening system to feed the animals in a restricted way that allows direct connection to down spouts of Ø70 and Ø75 mm without adapters. Robustness, versatility, sealing and easy handling are some of this new dispenser’s advantages, which as in the other models of Rotecna dispensers, allow you to accurately regulate the amount of food that will be supplied to each animal and see the inside thanks to its translucent body.  The lower cone is easily removable and also has a side cover to access the interior and facilitate cleaning.

The widest range on the market

Aware of the importance of this product in the equipment set for the pig sector, Rotecna is confirmed as the company in the sector with the widest range of dispensers on the market. With eight differentiated models that allow to effectively cover the specific needs of each installation and management, optimising the dosed feed in each of the production phases.


  • Large opening for medication.
  • Simplicity of handling.
  • Functionality.
  • Robustness.


  • Stainless steel scraper.
  • Minimum capacity: 1.3 litres.
  • Maximum capacity: 7 litres.
  • For intake lines of Ø50, Ø55, Ø60 and Ø75.
  • For outputs with down spouts of Ø70 and Ø75.
  • Translucent tank.

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