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Innovative solutions in pig equipment

We help pig farmers around the world to produce healthy animals with greater well-being in a more efficient, sustainable and profitable way. We manufacture equipment, intelligent feeding systems and treatments for the valorization of slurry.

In order to continue increasing our customers' profits we need to constantly evolve and invest in new products and solutions that are increasingly more innovative and efficient.

This philosophy has won us the confidence of farmers all around the world. In order to maintain and expand this leading position, we must always be willing to go further, to expand our horizons, and not think twice about taking things to the next level.

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Rotecna launches the new fence for Ni-2 mobile

Rotecna launches the new fence for Ni-2 mobile


"Tecnapur is a low-consumption system"

Carlos Albuixech,
Quesa (Valencia)

Carlos Albuixech: "Tecnapur is a straightforward, low-consumption system" Read the interview


Two years with no farm extensions or new farms in certain areas of Catalonia

Two years with no farm extensions or new farms in certain areas of Catalonia

The Catalan Government recently approved the Soil Fertilisation and Livestock Manure Management Decree. This establishes an absolute moratorium of two years from the publication of the decree for the construction of new farms and the extension of the capacity of existing farms located in...

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Economic benefits of mechanical slurry separation

Economic benefits of mechanical slurry separation

The comparative analyses between the initial slurry compared to the liquid and solid phases segregated during the operation analysed, show the advantages offered by mechanical separation as it improves the application and fertilising qualities of the slurry. Besides, it has economic...

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Innovation and experience

Innovation has been a driving force for us, and this has helped to consolidate our position as a leading company in our sector. Our 25 years of experience working in the field have allowed us to grow and develop as a company.

Distribution network

We work with an extensive worldwide distribution network so you can find all of our products in your region.

If your company wants to help its clients to develop their business model in all aspects, contributing to create a profitable and lasting business in every way, do not hesitate to contact us.

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We are a company in constant growth; we seek partners and talent that can form part of our team.

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International presence

We currently have a direct presence in five continents through an extensive network of agents and distributors.