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All the latest information about the pig sector, and Rotecna's activities.

Evofeed, multiphase feed control system

14 of January of 20 - News

The new Evofeed is a multiphase feed control system for a gradual transition between feeds that avoids digestive troubles in piglets.

Rotecna launches the new fence for Ni-2 mobile

17 of October of 19 - News

Rotecna expands its range of possibilities in the design and management of maternity wards with the launch of the fence for the mobile Ni-2.

Individual electronic feeding system for group housing gestation

26 of September of 19 - News

The Dositronic G for gestation sows housed  in groups allows feeding individually of each animal in a controlled manner according to their needs, improving the body condition upon arrival to farrowing and significantly reducing wasted feed.

TR3D, the easy-to-control twin dry hopper

08 of November of 18 - News

Given the huge success of the TR2, Rotecna expands its range of dry feed hoppers to fattening with the TR3D. This is a new two-sided model with three outlet nozzles, designed to supply large pens of animals. The V-shaped design of the side nozzles means animals can be arranged diagonally, whereby they can eat peacefully without bothering each other, thus avoiding fights and feed wastage.

SF3D, the two-sided hopper with six outlet nozzles

18 of October of 18 - News

Have a feeding system capable of supplying food to a large number of pigs per pen is a major need in markets where swine production is growing. Feed represents around 70 % of production costs. It is therefore very important to optimize its management with feeding systems that can offer both precise and effective operation, allowing the animals to eat peacefully without wasting feed.

Silometric, control of silo content in real time

29 of August of 18 - News

The calculation of feed levels in silos is a difficult and time-consuming task, which sometimes involves a risk due to having to go to the top of the silos to visually check their content.

Because of this, Rotecna now distributes SiloMetric (MCSystems), an innovative product for making accurate readings of silo content in real time.

Submersible agitator generates greater impact flows

29 of August of 18 - News

Well-homogenised slurry is important in preparation for a good solid-liquid separation process.

Rotecna's TecnaPur system includes a submergible agitator, whose technical features offer the farmer high performance at low cost.

The cheapest and most efficient solution for separating slurry

29 of August of 18 - News

Proper slurry management is one of the main challenges of the future of the pig sector. Faced with growing pig numbers and increasingly more demanding administrative requirements in environmental terms, livestock waste limits the growth potential of farms, especially in areas with a high concentration of pig production in very little space. Having efficient and cost-effective equipment on farms for the separation of solids is posited as the best solution to this problem.