New electronic feeding system for sows in farrowing

New electronic feeding system for sows in farrowing

28th October 2021 - News

Since its launch in 2016, Dositronic M, the comprehensive electronic control system of farrowing feeding, has been an effective day-to-day solution for many ranchers who have seen how thanks to this system, have obtained critical productive benefits while being able to reduce and simplify work.

Our I+D+i department has redesigned the product with a new version with a touch button panel and a more straightforward pin system that guarantees more significant tautness in connections within farrowing wards, where the use of high-pressure water cleaning systems are widespread and powerful. In this way, greater product durability is guaranteed.

The new Dositronic M also has a security system that, if you find a strange element among feed it is administering, triggers an alarm and stops Dositronic M. then issues a notification to the software platform for the operator to remove the foreign body and activates the electronic dispenser again.

The Dositronic M allows you to easily and intuitively apply individualized feeding strategies for each sow and maximize your feed and water consumption in farrowing. In this way, the system increases the milk production of the animals. It improves their state at the end of the farrowing phase, thus increasing the fertility and prolificacy of the next delivery.


  • DC motor of excellent reliability and precision.
  • Multiple installation possibilities.
  • The button panel is available on the right or left.
  • High capacity analysing feed consumption data.


  • Simpler, faster and safer installations.
  • Quick connection / disconnection plug.
  • Greater precision in the food supply.
  • Maintenance reduction.


Ramon Farré. Vilves (Lleida): “During the summer months, the differences between the sows that gave birth in the rooms with Dositronic M compared to those who did not, were abysmal. The piglets that had been in the farrowing pens with Doistronic M grew more, and the sows showed no problems in their zeal.”

alimentacion electronica cerdas maternidad


Dionisio Torres. Baena (Córdoba): “It is a product that we are delighted with. We have recovered the physical condition of all
the sows, and we also have the guarantee that they do not lose weight during lactation. Before using Dositronic, we always faced this type of problem; now, we can keep a daily check of each sow’s diet. The waste of feed is practically nil”.

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Núria Erill. Isona i Conca Dellà (Lleida): “It is a highly visual, intuitive and easy to use dispenser that any farm worker can operate. It is straightforward at first glance, and it does not require much training, something important when we talk about worker rotation on farms. Once you have established a feeding curve, you practically do not have to touch anything”.

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