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Two years with no farm extensions or new farms in certain areas of Catalonia

12 of November of 19 - News

The Catalan Government recently approved the Soil Fertilisation and Livestock Manure Management Decree. This establishes an absolute moratorium of two years from the publication of the decree for the construction of new farms and the extension of the capacity of existing farms located in any of the 66 municipalities with a high livestock density index (LDI), i.e., over 1.2.

Technical study

Economic benefits of mechanical slurry separation

05 of November of 19 - Studies

The comparative analyses between the initial slurry compared to the liquid and solid phases segregated during the operation analysed, show the advantages offered by mechanical separation as it improves the application and fertilising qualities of the slurry. Besides, it has economic benefits that make the separator an excellent investment.

Carlos Albuixech: "Tecnapur is a straightforward, low-consumption system"

29 of October of 19 - Farmers

The exploitation of Carlos Albuixech, located in Quesa (Valencia), has 184 mothers and 2,100 weaning places, and is a clear example of environmental sustainability.

China remains the first pig producer in spite of the ASF

22 of October of 19 - News

The Asian nation is the world's largest pork producer, with just over 54 million tonnes in 2018, representing almost 48 % of world production, according to data recorded by ICEX.

Rotecna launches the new fence for Ni-2 mobile

17 of October of 19 - News

Rotecna expands its range of possibilities in the design and management of maternity wards with the launch of the fence for the mobile Ni-2.