Rotecna launches the new Double Stainless-steel Swing R3

Rotecna launches the new Double Stainless-steel Swing R3

10th January 2023 - News

Feeding options on farms are highly variable and depend on many factors: handling, markets, climate, facilities distribution, size of pens, etc. That is why Rotecna continues to bet on the development of new models in its broad family of Swing R3 feeders, with the Double Stainless-steel Swing R3.

Placed between panels, the Double Stainless-steel Swing allows feed to be dispensed to two adjoining pens independently. In this way, it is easier to match the animals’ weights from different pens and allows independent fasting only in the pens where it is necessary.

Available in two sizes, with a capacity of 95 and 170 litres, it easily adapts to different types of installation needs.

comedero cerdos engorde
Double Stainless-steel Swing R3 installed on the farm. Photo: Rotecna.


  • Double-sided to independently regulate two adjoining pens.
  • Sides in embedded stainless steel to eliminate welds and difficult-to-clean corners.
  • Embedded steel in the centre to increase its resistance.
  • Sloped bottom for easy cleaning.
  • Capacity: 95 and 170 L.


  • Maximizes consumption and minimizes feed and water waste.
  • Smaller animals’ quick adjustment.
  • Precise regulation, easy and fast handling.
  • Design that facilitates the lowering of feed.



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