Discover the advantages of the new Doistronic G tactile

Discover the advantages of the new Doistronic G tactile

09th June 2022 - News

Three years after its launch, the installation of the Dositronic G, the gestation electronic feeding system, has played a very important and efficient role in feed management in this phase. The Dositronic G allows pregnant sows to be fed individually in a controlled and individualised way according to their needs, improving the body condition upon arrival at farrowing and significantly reducing feed waste.

Thanks to this system, there are already many farmers who have been able to improve the productive statistics of their farms, while they have been able to optimise the work in gestation. To improve even more the advantages of this system, the R+D+i department of Rotecna has redesigned the Dositronic G. in the new version with a keypad with a touch sensor, a new connector system and a faster cable connection that includes an anti-rodent protective mesh.


  • Keypad with capacitative touch sensor, which prevents the wear of the graphics on traditional buttons.
  • Push-in connectors, much faster to connect, allowing easy and quick installation.
  • Wiring with anti-rodent protection included, so it is not necessary to protect the cables against rodents during installation.
  • Emergency system that allows feeding the animals, even if there is no communication with the server.

alimentacion electronica para cerdas en gestacion



  • Sow marker: Accessory installable in each box, which allows marking the previously selected sows in the user program with spray.
  • Heat detector: A system that allows the user to detect and mark sows that haven’t become pregnant when in heat, precisely and automatically.



  • Precise and individual control of the dispensed feed.
  • Feeding without competition between the sows of the same group.
  • Automatic application of consumption increases as the gestation of the animal progresses.
  • A better condition of the sows when they reach maternity.
  • Substantial reduction of feed waste.


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