More mounting options with the new Feeding Ball supports

More mounting options with the new Feeding Ball supports

26th April 2021 - News

Rotecna continues to expand its accessory range for the successful Feeding Ball, the dispenser "ad libitum" for sows in farrowing and the weaning-covering interval, with a new system that offers the farmer different possibilities when installing this product in the maternity cage, park or insemination enclosure. 

soporte inox feeding ball

The new fixtures are compatible with all types of tanks in the range and allow multiple mounting options, making it possible to install the Feeding Ball both in front of the animal and behind the front or bridge facilitating its assembly in a wide range of cages, walls and fences. Besides, it includes the anti-waste extension plate option for fitting at a greater height, which improves access to the mechanism and prevents food from falling outside the feeder.

Feeding Ball advantages

  • Maximises intake and minimises waste of feed and water.
  • Access to fresh feed 24 hours a day.
  • Quick adaptation of animals.
  • It does not crash.
  • Easy access to the interior of the mechanism for cleaning. 


  • Precise and easy to use regulation mechanism.
  • Quick and easy disassembly system run by one hand.
  • Oscillating ball mechanism with an appendix that is operated with little effort imitating the natural movement of the sickle, so it hardly requires learning by the sow.
  • The appendix of the ball prevents it from rotating and moisture passing into the mechanism.


Benefits of working with the feed "ad libitum" in farrowing

The Feeding Ball is a slow-release dispenser specially indicated for maternity wards, which allows restricted feeding or ad libitum of the sows. Thanks to the ball mechanism and the availability of feed 24 hours a day, the sows increase the number of rounds, so it manages to maximise feed and water consumption, especially in summer, since they can eat in the coldest hours of the day.

Besides, waste is minimised, since large amounts of food are not supplied at once, nor is food dispensed if the sow has no appetite; in this way, we make sure to cover the needs of the sow, while avoiding food waste and the tedious work of cleaning the remains of wet and stale feed from feeders.

dispensador pienso para cerdas en maternidad
Farrowing room with the Feeding Ball. Photo: Rotecna. 

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