New Tecnapur submersible slurry agitator

New Tecnapur submersible slurry agitator

29th August 2018 - News

Well-homogenised slurry is important in preparation for a good solid-liquid separation process.

Rotecna's TecnaPur system includes a submergible agitator, whose technical features offer the farmer high performance at low cost.

Unlike most models on the market, its exclusive design with a pointed finish means it can generate higher impact flows, which can reach distances of 25 metres, with very low energy consumption, thanks to its latest generation direct motor.

Designed for slurry pits of up to 400-500 m3, the agitator is installed along with an adjustable support to reach every corner, thus achieving an optimal mixture of the solid and liquid fractions of the slurry, lifting the solids settled at the bottom and breaking up any scale that has formed on the surface. Installation of more than one agitator means larger slurry pits can be treated.

Watertight and safe

The chamber that protects the agitator motor is made of cast iron and in one piece, which guarantees water-tightness; even when the support is built into the cast. The different materials used in manufacture (stainless steel and cast iron) are resistant to corrosion caused by slurry.

To ensure durability and efficiency, even in extreme conditions, the TecnaPur agitator has different security systems: a liquid sensor in the chamber and a temperature controller, which stop the agitator if triggered, and self-cleaning propeller blades designed to prevent clogging.

Low cost

The Tecnapur submersible agitator is quick and easy to install. It is also cheaper than other external models on the market, since it does not require expensive building work, or external transmission, or concrete supports for the motor.

It also has a latest generation direct motor that does not require a motor reducer, which means significant savings in energy consumption.

How does it work?

The Rotecna submergible agitator generates a flow of liquid that lifts the solids settled at the bottom of the slurry pits, breaks up the scale on the surface and mixes it until the slurry is completely homogenised.

Unlike dry-fitted motors, submergible agitators are highly flexible in terms of position, and can easily be redirected to ensure that the generated flow covers a large distance and adapts to the shape of the slurry pit.

TP-01 Solid Separator and submersible agitator

The submersible agitator is the perfect complement for the TecnaPur TP-01 Solid Separator. It homogenizes slurry pit content for pumping to the Separator, ensuring a uniform input flow for optimum separation.

Other applications

Submersible agitators have a wide range of applications such as, for example:

- Agitation of sewage tanks inside buildings.

- Pumping stations.

- Rainwater tanks.

- Homogenisation of sludge with high concentration of solids.

- Sewage plants and industrial facilities.

- Washing trucks.

Technical data

- Sealed and encased motor.

- 3-blade stainless steel propeller.

- Propeller diameter of 400 mm.

- 2 and 4 kW motor at 400 V/50 Hz.

- Maximum agitation flow of 1,000 m3/h at 750 rpm in the propeller.

- Reaction thrust of 400 and 650 Newtons.

- Maximum depth of immersion: 20 metres.

Features and advantages

- Exclusive state-of-the-art design to generate flows of greater impact and to achieve optimum homogenization.

- Direct motor using the latest technology, with low energy consumption.

- Adjustable direction. Can reach every corner of the slurry pit.

- Blades designed to prevent blockages and self-cleaning.

- Made with rust-proof materials.

- Easy installation with no labour, thus requiring very little financial investment.

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