SF3D, the two-sided hopper

SF3D, the two-sided hopper

18th October 2018 - News

Have a feeding system capable of supplying food to a large number of pigs per pen is a major need in markets where swine production is growing.

Feed represents around 70 % of production costs. It is therefore very important to optimize its management with feeding systems that can offer both precise and effective operation, allowing the animals to eat peacefully without wasting feed.

To do this, Rotecna has developed the new SF3D Shelf-Feeder. A hopper capable of supplying a large number of pigs per pen, and which is flexible and highly versatile, thanks to the many feeding options that it offers.

Two models

1. SF3D Fattening: Dry and wet feeding.

2. SF3D Wean to finish: Dry and wet feeding, and high accuracy tray control system (internal telescope) to make it easier for the smallest piglets to reach.

(*)SF3D Wean to finish with VRH-3 valve can be installed in all models of the SF3D hopper. It is inserted in one of the dishes to obtain a constant water level, and the other two are used for wet or dry feed.

Common features

- The animals can choose between eating dry feed straight out of the top tray or with water mixed with feed from the bottom dish. ç

- Option of changing the height of the feed tray to facilitate access by animals of different ages and sizes.

- Three single pans with drinking bowl that can be opened or closed depending on the farmer's needs.


  • Two-sided hopper with three independent 38 cm outlet nozzles on each size for feeding 13 to 15 pigs/outlet.
  • Large feed storage capacity: 175 kg of pellets and 140 kg of meal.
  • Telescopic system for dropping feed from tray, so smaller piglets can reach the feed, which makes this hopper suitable for wean to finish.
  • Precise and secure system for controlling how much feed is dropped, with 70 millimetre by millimetre settings.
  • Wide outlet nozzles and a pan design that allows pigs to feed with comfort until reaching heavy weights without wasting feed.

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