Swing R3, new models with greater feed capacity

Swing R3, new models with greater feed capacity

11th June 2020 - News

The options for managing food on farms are very varied and depend on numerous factors, such as the existing trends in the market in which the farm is found, the climate of the territory, the type of facilities available, spaces, kind of pens, breeder's management preferences… Because of this, Rotecna continues to bet on the development of its successful range of Swing R3 hoppers with the launch of three new models with a higher capacity: 170 litres. 

The Swing R3 Duo, Wet and Tube fattening models are now available in two sizes, with a capacity of 95 and 170 litres respectively, allowing the farmer to fit the one that best suits his needs.

The new tanks increase their capacity by 75 litres, which in most cases means only one filling is needed to be performed per day.


  • Swing R3 Duo
  • Swing R3 Tube Finisher
  • Swing R3 Wet


  • 170 litres capacity.
  • Maximises consumption and minimises feed and water waste.
  • Quick adaptation of the smallest animals. 
  • Precise regulation for easy and fast handling.
  • Design that facilitates the lowering of the feed.
  • Two mechanisms to choose from: pendulum or tube.
  • Different options for dispensing water on the plate.


  • Monoblock construction with inserted tubes.
  • Stainless steel chassis.
  • Hopper with a design that facilitates the lowering of the feed.
  • Sideloading/top-loading device.
  • With rounded corners and no corners to avoid food accumulation.
  • Precise regulation (24 positions) with easy access and out of the reach of the animals.

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