Monitor silo content in real time with Silotronic

Monitor silo content in real time with Silotronic

05th August 2021 - News

Ensuring the availability of feed in silos, calculating the replenishment periods of silos and having up-to-date information on the levels that can be shared with the integrator or feed factory are factors that optimise supply logistics and represent significant time and cost savings for both parties, livestock and the feed supply company.


To provide a solution to this need, Rotecna has the Silotronic, a sensor that uses laser technology to measure the level of feed inside silos very accurately. This allows the farmer to know, in real-time and from any device with an internet connection, the level of feed available on the premises.

The Silotronic can be installed in all types of storage systems: silos, tanks or hoppers in any shape, dimension and material.

With a measuring range of up to 25 meters, the device is quickly and easily installed on top of the silo. In addition, it does not need cables or commissioning, as it is factory programmed.

gestion nivel silos


The installation of the Silotronic system represents a significant improvement in the control of feedstocks on farms, both for the farmer and the suppliers. In addition, resources are optimised in planning loads and distribution routes since it has a geolocation system that allows efficient management of procurement logistics. All this helps calculate the optimal way to supply the silos, thus reducing transport costs and avoiding the return of the excess product.


Access to the data can be done very quickly through Silotronic software, which means that, in addition to checking stocks in real-time, you can also access historical data on the evolution of silo content to detect possible anomalies in consumption, see replenishment periods and schedule low-level warning alarms.

The software is designed to be an easy to use and practical tool. Each user creates their profile to access all the information regarding their installations from any device connected to the Internet (computer or mobile).

software silotronic


Through the Silotronic software, the user can visualise the status of all the sensors installed, control the history of readings, see the evolution of the state of the silos and modify parameters such as feed density.

Through a very intuitive colour-code, it shows the status of the silos.


  • Laser reading.
  • Avoids visual control from the top
  • of the silo.
  • Long battery life.
  • Extensive coverage network.
  • Communication of readings to the data query platform by radiofrequency or Ethernet.
  • Access to the data platform through any device with an internet connection.


  • Real-time feed level monitoring.
  • Watertight system.
  • Read data every two hours (customisable).
  • Easy installation, no wiring and factory scheduled.
  • Significant savings in logistical costs.
  • Increases job security.
  • Virtually maintenance-free.

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