Innovative Rotecna feeder for first-age piglets

Innovative Rotecna feeder for first-age piglets

31st March 2022 - News

One of the most delicate and stressful moments of piglets in maternity is to prepare them for the change of feeding in the weaning phase. The transition from liquid to solid feed is a challenge that farmers must manage correctly to ensure the growth of piglets and avoid casualties.

Facilitating the consumption of initiation feed in farrowing improves the adaptation of animals to feed after weaning. For this reason, Rotecna expands its range of first-age pans with the Wallpan, a wall feeder that takes up little space, it is easy to install and handle, which allows one to give piglets in maternity initiation feed.

The main innovation of this product is its placement on the side of the farrow instead of on the ground, and a lever that facilitates the emptying and cleaning of the pan, without corners and with rounded edges that prevent the accumulation of food. Rotecna's new first-age plate can be assembled and disassembled horizontally or vertically quickly and without the need for tools or locks.


  • It takes up less space.
  • Release wall mount and quick coupling without the need for tools or locks.
  • Easier to empty, clean and dry.
  • Rounded edges and no corners.
  • Easy piglet adaptation.


  • Number of entries: 2.
  • Plate capacity: 0,9 L. 
  • Width: 23 cm. 
  • Height: 14 cm.

plato iniciacion lechones 

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