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Comparative study of the six most representative electric plates

29 of August of 17 - Studies

Pig production, like any other business, needs to be increasingly more cost-effective in order to improve profits. The energy bill, and especially in farrowing, can amount to a huge cost for pig farms. Piglets, who have much greater temperature requirements than sows, require a localised heat source, like that provided by heating plates.

In order to cover these needs, Rotecna offers a wide range of both electric and hydraulic plates that are adapted to the wide variety of existing systems in use today. Rotecna also pursues maximum energy efficiency, so the optimum piglet comfort can be obtained at the lowest possible cost. This is shown by a study titled Electrical Heating Appliances for Breeding and Rearing Animals "Heating Plates" (July 2014), conducted by SGS, a world leading Swiss firm in audit services for companies. With more than 130 years of experience, a network of 1,650 offices and laboratories all around the world and more than 80,000 employees, SGS has been consolidated as a leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

The quality, professionalism and thoroughness of SGS’ work have earned it an indisputable reputation with regard to the results presented in its reports. The study, conducted by SGS last July, and available in full on the Rotecna website, compared six of the most representative heated plates on the market, made by five different companies, and of similar dimensions (1200 mm x 500 mm) but different materials, such as plastic, polymer and stainless steel. In the trial, we evaluated the energy consumed by the six plates for an hour, with the plate surface temperature stabilized at 37°C ± 2°C and an ambient temperature of 22 ± 2ºC.

The results confirm what Rotecna already knew, its electric heating plate is the number one in energy efficiency, with lower consumption (59.57 Wh) for the same surface temperature. The excellent performance of the Rotecna plate is due to it making the maximum use of the heat generated, thanks to the airtight chamber at the bottom, but most of all because of the direct contact between the electrical resistance and the upper surface of the plate. Compared with the other plates on the market, which can consume as much as 120.95Wh, as is the case with the MiK plate, the Rotecna electric plate can deliver savings of up to 50%.

The test results also show how quickly the temperature is stabilised when using Rotecna plates, which can reach the perfect temperature for piglets in just 20 minutes. Also, the comfort and insulating properties of the plastic used to make Rotecna plates ensure the utmost welfare of the animals, preserving their heat in such a way that the plates can be switched off a few days before. Meanwhile, the materials used for other plates absorb animal heat if the plates are not on, so switch-off is not advisable. This makes the difference in energy consumption even higher than suggested.

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