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“With the Dositronic we have achieved very good feed consumption and the sows are weaning 15.7 piglets of a weight of 5.4 kg”

08 of November of 18 - Farmers

In 2014, the Cooperativa d’Ivars invested in a refurbishment and extension of this farm of 2,000 sows in Valfarta (Huesca), where in 2017 they installed Rotecna's Doisitronic electronic feeding system in all of their farrowing pens. After three full production cycles, the farm has achieved some excellent figures, with an average of 38 piglets weaned per sow and year. We spoke to Orlando, the manager of the farm, to learn about the work they are doing with the Dositronic.

Oscar Sánchez:

29 of August of 18 - Farmers

"After a bad year with fruit, Alfredo Sánchez decided to give up on arable farming and raise livestock instead. So it was that, in 1999, he started a pig farm with 1,000 fattening pigs, and a year later expanded to 2,000 pigs. Over time, his son Oscar decided to become a farmer too, and took charge of a farm with 40,000 chickens. However, more attracted by swine than poultry, in 2013, Oscar decided to take control of the family farm, and the first thing he did was to transform the finishing farm into one for breeding, with 750 sows."

Alberto Pascual

29 of August of 18 - Farmers

"With more than 20 years of experience in the pig industry, Alberto Pascual, with two farms of 2,500 sows each in Avila, decided to take things a step further and, in 2016, started a project from scratch to build a breeding farm for 3,000 sows. In the design of the new operation, Alberto went for a very different type of farm, with new management methods, high biosecurity measures and a clear commitment to energy efficiency."

Jaume Alòs

29 of August of 18 - Farmers

"Jaume is the third generation of the Alòs family to run this farm in the municipality of Almenar (Lleida) and currently has 400 sows. “When my grandparents moved to Almenar more than 50 years ago, they bought this farm where at first they only had a few sows and cows, and some crop fields,” explains James: “However, 30 years ago my father decided on a change of direction to the family business and specialized in pig production. So, he made a major investment in order to have adequate facilities and start activity in 1985, with a farrow-to-finish cycle with 50 sows”.

Ignasi Culleré

28 of August of 18 - Farmers

With 30 years of experience in the pig industry, Ignasi Culleré started out in the livestock trade on a family farm working with sows, which he was already managing at the age of 22. In 2013, faced with the demands of the new animal welfare regulation, he decided to transform the farm and work on fattening, and also teamed up with the Alivac company. Then, a little more than a year ago, he began managing a finishing farm belonging to the same company in Arbeca, which in recent months has started expanding its facilities to as many as 7,200 finishing pigs, for which he has used Rotecna products. "I've always worked with Rotecna equipment. I am satisfied with their products, because they have always given me very good results."

Núria Erill

20 of August of 18 - Farmers

"From families with a strong farming tradition, in the year 2000, Núria Erill and Angel Peretó decided to start a farm from scratch, with 500 sows. Then, in 2005, they expanded up to 1,600 with a weaning capacity for 8,000. In 2017, they installed the Dositronic electronic feed supply system in their farrowing pens, and Núria highlights the subsequent increase in the consumption of feed and water by her sows.

Hugo Siliezar

29 of June of 18 - Farmers

"Coming from a family with a long tradition of cattle farming and with working experience on pig farms, Hugo Siliezar from Guatemala's first business initiative was a fish farm dedicated to the production of tilapia fingerlings. With this project running, in 2000 Hugo and his wife decided to expand the business and, given their experience, they decided to build a hog farm, and started work with 10 sows and one boar, the aim being to sell the pigs they produced. With time and good market conditions, they decided to expand the operation, and they currently have 255 sows and a farrow-to-finish operation, where 100% of piglets are fattened for sale as cereal-fed pigs".

Armando Landa

18 of May of 18 - Farmers

"With a herd of 3,000 sows and more than 75,000 piglets weaned per year, the Mexican company RYC Alimentos owns a 40 year old pig farm, which makes good use of Rotecna products. Armando Landa, a veterinary surgeon by profession, has been working on this farm for ten years. He is in charge of management and administration of the farm, supervision of its health status and monitoring of its production figures. “Rotecna products are very good quality. They work very well and give good results, so we decided to install them,” explains Armando.