Rotecna, a company committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

Rotecna, a company committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

04th November 2021 - News

Broadly speaking, the Corporate Social Responsibility of a company implies everything that it can do for the benefit of its surroundings, in the environmental, social, and economic fields. And, for its workers. Rotecna started its activity in Agramunt more than 30 years ago and currently employs more than 220 people, most of them from our immediate surroundings.

External CSR

In 1999, Rotecna began its first social corporate action with the edition of the IMPULS magazine, which we publish quarterly. It's intended to be a platform for promoting Agramunt's economic and social activity. In addition, throughout history, we have been a company involved in reducing the environmental impact of our activity.

On the other hand, as a result of our involvement with the territory, we have also established collaborations with solidarity associations and non-profit social entities that work in our territory for the benefit of the community and with disadvantaged groups. In this sense, we have different types of agreements with entities such as the Alba Association, the Lleida Biomedical Research Institute, and the Spanish Association Against Cancer, among others.

Internal CSR

In the framework of the firm's corporate social responsibility, beyond establishing collaborations with surrounding entities, Rotecna wants to consolidate itself as a leading company in the territory and be a good workplace for its employees. In this sense, we are developing a strategy of Internal CSR actions for the benefit of the human team that is part of the company. Thus, in recent months, a series of collaboration agreements have been signed with different establishments and companies in Agramunt that offer special conditions to Rotecna workers. In this way, every Rotecna employee has a personal and non-transferable identifier that allows them to enjoy certain conditions and discounts.

On the other hand, Rotecna has signed an agreement with Mapfre that offers workers and first-degree family members group insurance that allows them to have health coverage without deficiencies or pre-existing conditions and with more favorable economic conditions.

Participation channel

Finally, along the same lines and, with a clear commitment to give workers a voice, we have a direct participation channel to improve the day-to-day activity of the company. In this way, the entire human team of the company can propose improvements in terms of workspaces, safety, production, etc. All the proposals made are answered by the corresponding department and semi-annually awarded with economic vouchers to encourage the involvement of the team in the improvement of the company.

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