J. Camo:

J. Camo: "FIGAN converges the sector in a professionalism environment"

07th March 2023 - News

After an edition marked by the restrictions of the pandemic, FIGAN returns this March to the capital of the Ebro. It does so by paying attention to issues as important as sustainability and waging on presenting the latest elaborations developed. Javier Camo, head of the agri-food area of Feria de Zaragoza, tells us all the news of the 16th edition of the International Fair for Animal Production. 

director figan
Javier Camo, head of the agri-food area of Feria de Zaragoza. Photo: Javier Camo. 

What are the objectives of the organization for this new edition of FIGAN?
We aim to meet the needs of the agricultural sector and be a showcase for innovation and development. We seek to offer solutions to professionals and serve as a business platform for companies so that they can present their latest developments. With this in mind, from FIGAN we have been focused on showing advances towards sustainability, to the improvement of all types of livestock in terms of facilities and equipment, but, above all, we want to be a showcase for smart livestock rearing.

What expectations do they have?
We are regaining the participation we had before the pandemic, and despite the international situation and the socioeconomic situation in which we find ourselves, the sector is strong, consolidated and very necessary as the first link in the food chain. It is a very dynamic sector, which always features innovations and adapts to new regulations. For this reason, visitors will be able to find new projects in FIGAN and new solutions that have been developed since the last edition of the fair and that will allow them to face future challenges. 

From the organisation, what assessment do you make about the situation that the livestock sector is going through?
We are aware that factors such as the war and the generalised increase in rearing costs are more than a significant handicap, but we are in a sector that is essential for society, and that has already gone through complicated times in the past, so we are used to working in a complex environment. This allows us to find solutions with a great capacity for adaptation. From the organisation, we are sure that the sector will continue working and adding value to the rest of society at large, and as for our part, we will continue working to give this sector visibility.

"We have more than 900 exhibiting brands spread over six pavilions with an area that will exceed 77,000m2 and that is sectorised throughout the global spectrum that hosts livestock."

Has this situation been echoed in the number of entries received or in the reserved exhibition meters?
We have seen a trend towards adaptation. Given the moment in which we are, our contests suffer slight modifications under the commercial variables or by the existing international situation. For example, faced with the rise of energy prices, we are seeing a growth in the number of companies in the renewable energy sector that have been interested in participating in the contest. This year we have regained many exhibiting brands compared to the previous edition, which was not present because of pandemic restrictions, and we will have 100 new exhibitors who were not present in 2021. Regarding square meters, some companies want fewer meters, others the same meters as previous editions, and others have even increased their exhibition area. We must emphasise that the main companies in the livestock sector continue to wager on the event as a showcase to provide the sector professionals with a business framework that allows them to prosper.

So, what are the participation figures in this FIGAN edition?
We have more than 900 exhibiting brands spread over six pavilions with an area that will exceed 77,000m2 and that is sectorised throughout the global spectrum that hosts livestock. We will also have an extensive program of technical conferences. We have more than 30 confirmed entries and we want them to serve as a medium for dissemination and information on progress. One more year, we will have the presence of technical novelties within the framework of the innovation contest and the excellence award. In short, FIGAN concentrates on the sector in an environment where professionalism, precision livestock, technology and business stand out, paying attention to such important issues as the incorporation of our young people into the sector, training for the agricultural sphere, talent management, animal welfare and above all, sustainability. 

What novelties could be highlighted?
We always work with a firm commitment to digitalisation and sustainability. As novelties of this edition, we can highlight that all visitors must register online, there will be no paper invitations. In addition, FIGAN will incorporate a new concept, the "digital info points": visitors will have the possibility of taking all the information on the stands (catalogues, technical sheets, photos, demonstration videos, etc.), at their disposal through the event app without having to lug the documentation around during their visit. We have worked to simplify the visit of professionals, interaction with exhibitors, and create a tool that helps manage their contact list, the downloading of information on the services exhibited, the relationship of exhibiting brands with their location at the event, etc.

figan zaragoza
Rotecnas stand at FIGAN 2021. Photo: Rotecna.

Little by little, technology and digitalisation are gaining ground in the livestock sector. Will it be reflected in FIGAN?
In this edition, there will be both a quantitative and qualitative increase by our exhibitors with a strong commitment to precision livestock. We will see a lot of advances presented by exhibitors, developments in sensors, process control, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability, as well as improvements in equipment and development for process improvement. 

Currently, one of the challenges of the pork sector is to educate about its good work. How does FIGAN contribute towards this?
FIGAN is a meeting point between companies, current professionals and future professionals, and even with distribution and consumer organisations. We are aware of the importance of communicating, and communicating well, how the pork sector works (and the rest of the agricultural sectors). Throughout all this time we have held meetings with all the involved parties in the sector  (Aragon Government, interprofessional, associations, integrators, etc.) to analyse how to improve communicating and transmitting the professionals’ good work. FIGAN will focus on this issue for several days and have an exhibition area with the presence of many of the different agents we have named, which will be a hub of transmission and information on how the sector works so that we are all aware of how animal welfare and compliance with all regulations is being ensured. 

Finally, how can FIGAN contribute to the progress of the pork sector and overcome the difficult moment it is going through?
FIGAN concentrates the sector as a whole and is a forum for the exchange of knowledge, of experiences, and information and if we take all these elements and join them, it allows us to unite forces. We are a backbone that seeks to offer solutions and as we are aware of the importance of the pork sector. In this case, we are convinced that, with the strength of the companies, the support of the institutions and the struggle of our professionals, the sector will come forward, and will come out stronger. It cannot be otherwise.

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